Developing an Innovative and Responsible Industry dedicated to Resource Conservation

Natural resources are our common heritage. The abundance of water on our planet must not hide the fact that, even today, its scarcity is affecting many regions. The most precious natural resource on earth, it is also the most exploited by mankind, in its domestic uses as well as its agricultural and industrial activities.

Rethinking the use of water within our societies is a vital challenge. Innovating to take account of the new environmental situation of our time opens up tremendous opportunities to deploy new techniques and new sustainable economic and industrial models on a global scale, respectful of people and our resources.

KOB at the forefront of new models

Valorisation des déchets

Waste valorization

Giving glass a second life, with strong commercial and environmental added value for a sustainable business model.

Recyclage du verre

Glass recycling

Rethinking a low-carbon recycling industrial model that can be replicated in all the world's major cities.

Filtration de l'eau

Water filtration

Reinventing systems to turn filtration into an opportunity to save water.

Economie circulaire

Circular economy

Implement a business model with a strong environmental and social impact, involving local ecosystems on a global scale.

KOB rethinks water filtration

irrigation agricole

Our products

Innovative water filtration solutions for irrigation, leisure and industry. 

Solutions industrielles

Our industrial solutions

Deployment under license of production units for our products in France and abroad.

irrigation agricole

Research & Development

Development of new technical filtration solutions for water conservation. 

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